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2011-02-04 02:21:53 by cmgg



2010-12-24 01:10:40 by cmgg

The roses are #ff0000,
the violets are #ff0fc,
All your base
are belong to us

I made ART!

2010-12-22 22:12:46 by cmgg

Both are about space because are easy to draw an i like space-relative stuff!

Cortex Command is awesome!

2010-11-09 18:04:06 by cmgg

It is the best game ever made!
Its like worms but with blood, jetpacks, an in-action buy menu, lots of weapons, mods, actors and maps
Go and download it now >=C
Cortex command

Stupid net system

2010-11-06 17:32:13 by cmgg

I had been trying to upload new images to my profile but only the icon is updated and my user image and banner stay same!!!!!!


2010-08-17 21:21:52 by cmgg



Thanks D4E

2010-07-01 00:23:09 by cmgg

Ok ppl, so i meet this guy in NG Radiochat and he offered to make my user image, banner and icon
He is pretty good so if someone could scout his art (when he upload it ofcourse) it would be awesome
His user page is Drawer4everyone


2010-06-17 15:34:06 by cmgg

At least, my vacations starts now. Yay!
Now i have plenity of time to execute my world dominnation plan

Im so freaking bored

2010-06-12 19:06:50 by cmgg

Men, im so kafreaking-bored that i could kill for fun, meh
but well, if pretty fucked because my final exams starst this monday (June 14) X_X
i just want my vacations, is that much (TT_TT)
Well, see you later morro xD

Random diary, entry No. 1

2010-05-06 23:43:12 by cmgg

I dont know why im doing this diary but who cares, it may be funny:
Im always thinking about my future, i dont know what i want.
I want to study quantum physics but at the same time i want to be an a astronomer because i want to know everything!.
I love to discover new things of my interest, i want to know why, what and how.
I also want to be remembed by the people ploting it by this way: When you ask any common person a name of a scientific, the most named would be Einstein. I want to be remembered in that way or more
because i dont know if the heaven exist or not so i want to be secure that im not being forggoten by the next generations.

Carlos Gtz.
- May 06, 2010-

Thanks for reading and to all serious responses